The purpose of this letter is to recommend cinematographer, photographer and videographer Paul Brenno. I have worked with Paul in several capacities. The first time I contacted Paul I was representing a nonprofit fundraising effort called Giving Hearts Day. We were looking for someone who could film our “flash mob”. Paul not only stayed within our budget, he produced a commercial spot that all of the 10 organizations represented were proud to use. Pleasing 10 organizations is no small feat!
Paul created an adorable, and memorable commercial using my son’s dog that solicits giggles every time I make a presentation for my business. He was patient, and quickly chose which shots would work with a mostly untrained dog. I have also used Paul’s skills as a photographer. When my jazz duo needed a photo for the newspaper I called Paul. I knew that his creativity would give us a good product with a look that represents our style, and that he could meet the deadline and work within a budget.
My wholehearted recommendation of Paul Brenno and his work stem from my experience and these observations: Paul is dependable; he delivers exactly what he has promised on time and within budget. His communication regarding a project is always prompt and clear. His artistry is superb; he can take a project from start to finish by himself. But unlike many artists, he is also able to able to adjust his artistic vision to come in line with the vision of the client.
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Sincerely,
Terri Aldrich, Owner, Teacher
Children’s Music Academy
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 7015094920

As a Filmmaker, he knows what is takes to get the shot right, but also get the shots that other Videographers miss. He has an eye for detail, and has proven himself an accomplished artist but also a great businessman as well. He’s also got a very outgoing personality, great to work with.
Haley Burchett; Magic Tap Cloggers/The Dance Company, Minot 423-608-0304
Paul Brenno and his video production skills have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of videography/editing, advertising, and promoting my business. His work has been a major factor in helping my business attract new clients and enhance the other resources I’ve utilized to grow my business . I can confidently recommend Paul Brenno as a solid and reliable expert in his field. Yours faithfully Rita Tescher (Daily Burn) Rita Tescher; Owner; Rita’s Daily Burn, 701-720-3929