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Let me introduce myself, my name is Paul Brenno, I'm an award winning Cinematographer/Videographer, Filmmaker (Producer/Director/Editor), one of the things I've loved since growing up, is film/video production, specifically Cinematography......I grew up North Dakota, always have been influenced by films/videos to TV shows growing up. Now, how did a kid from North Dakota fall in love with Filmmaking ?

For me, just going to the movies, renting videos and watching TV. I fell in love with the world the filmmakers created, especially going to another world they had created. From epic films like " Superman: The Movie " to my favorite film " Dances with Wolves " to many many more, I've loved the epic world I was experiencing, esp noticing the Cinematography. In discovering my love and passion, I didn't know where to start. I high school, as a Senior, I discovered by accident, American Cinematographer magazine. I bought my first copy and just absorbed the world it introduced, knew being a Cinematographer/Filmmaker was my path.

I began to study various Cinematographers, especially those in the ASC, which is the American Society of Cinematographers, the best of the best in Hollywood. I joined the Air Force after graduating, to get the GI Bill, while stationed in San Antonio, I had the honor of meeting an Emmy Winning Cinematographer Ken Lamkin (ASC). Ken was famous for being the Director of Photography on the " Frasier " sitcom. He was shooting a feature film, was gracious enough to invite me on the set as an intern of sorts. I was soaking it all in, Ken was a true gentleman, gracious, wonderful man who I learned a ton from, while only a short time being on set. 

After I served, I went to film school on the GI Bill at Montana State University Film School, earned my BA in Film/Video, concentrated on Cinematography.  During my senior year, met Oscar Winning Cinematographer Dean Semler (Dances with Wolves), who was up in MT with his film crew, directing a feature film. As Dean's work on Dances was a big inspiration on me, I made contact with the film office, Dean's Assistant called me and invited me to be on set. It was amazing to meet Dean, his DP Stephen Windon and Steadicam Opeartor Stephen Campanelli. 

I graduated a month later, then began my career as Creative Services Producer/Editor, working on commercials start to finish, all budgets, doing all the jobs from PA to DP, before moving up to fulltime Director/Cinematographer while working in Houston on a local Houston area program called " Hot on Houston ", a home real estate series. 

My passion/expertise reflects on every film/video project. In 2009, while working as a Producer/Director/Cinematographer in Denver, I was honored with a National Telly Award for a program about teen life called " Keeping it Real ". Years later, in Spring 2016, as a one man band, I made a short film in my hometown, about a local dance group " Magic Tap Cloggers ". The short documentary has now been honored multiple Cinematography/Short Film Awards from film fests around the country/international, including European Cinematography Awards; Warsaw Poland in June 2017, Houston World-Fest May 2017, to  my first from Chandler International Film Fest in Sept 2016, totally 8. I was stunned and deeply honored, not expected this micro budgeted short film to do so well.

In 2016, after making the film, I sent a congratulatory letter to Dean Semler, on his 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from Hollywood's own American Society of Cinematographers (ASC). Dean's body of work, esp " Dances with Wolves " inspired me greatly to follow my path as a Cinematographer. To my shock and great thrill, Dean called me to thank me, we ended up talked about Cinematography, his career and mine since we last saw each other back in 1997. Dean was so down to earth, wonderful gentleman, who's a hero to me in the Cinematography world. He spoke to me almost like I was an equal, it truly was the " call of my career ", my admiration for him grows on every project. Both Ken and Dean have truly been huge inspirations, among others, in my career 

My love/passion is creating a video project that tells the clients story, working with professional talent or those who have no on-camera experience at all, getting those real moments, which tells their unique story. I'm currently a one man band, but have extensive experience on crews leading the set or working as crew. My goal, to bring your vision/story to life, bring a service you want/need and that can use my skills help bring it to life, tell your story. I love creating high quality film/video productions. 

Please contact me via email at paulbrenno@gmail.com. I'd love to speak with you about your new/next video or photography project. 

I'm proficient on the following systems, Sony FS700,  Lumix to Canon DSLR's (HD & 4K), editing on Windows Adobe Premiere Pro CC Suite. I also have experience with Apple systems using Final Cut Pro. I have 2 softboxes, 2 LED's, plus 2 on camera lights, Opteka Grip, Zoom digital audio with lavalier mics, plus worked with a variety of studio and field lighting kits and grip gear. I am looking forward to working on more projects both freelance and full-time, would love to talk with you.

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