Hello, thanks for viewing my page.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Paul Brenno, I'm an award winning Cinematographer/Videographer, Filmmaker (Producer/Director/Editor), one of the things I've loved since growing up, is film/video production, specifically Cinematography.

I began my career as a Commercial Producer/Editor, working on commercials for client start to finish. I then moved up to Field Producer/Director/Cinematographer on 1/2 hour weekly programs, including (2) home real-estates programs and a teen magazine show. 

In 2009, while working as a Producer/Director/Cinematographer in Denver, I was honored with a National Telly Award for a program about teen life called " Keeping it Real ". Years later, in Spring 2016, as a one man band, I made a short film in my hometown, about a local dance group " Magic Tap Cloggers ". The short documentary has now been honored multiple Cinematography/Short Film Awards from film fests around the country/international, including European Cinematography Awards; Warsaw Poland in June 2017, Houston World-Fest May 2017, to  my first from Chandler International Film Fest in Sept 2016, totally 8. I was stunned and deeply honored, not expected this micro budgeted short film to do so well.

My love/passion is creating a video project that tells the clients story, working with professional talent or those who have no on-camera experience at all, getting those real moments, which tells their unique story. I'm currently a one man band, but have extensive experience on crews leading the set or working as crew. My goal, to bring your vision/story to life, bring a service you want/need and that can use my skills help bring it to life, tell your story. I love creating high quality film/video productions. 

Please contact me via email at paulbrenno@gmail.com. I'd love to speak with you about your new/next video or photography project. 

I'm proficient on the following systems, Sony FS700,  Lumix to Canon DSLR's (HD & 4K), editing on Windows Adobe Premiere Pro CC Suite. I also have experience with Apple systems using Final Cut Pro. I have 2 softboxes, 2 LED's, plus 2 on camera lights, Opteka Grip, Zoom digital audio with lavalier mics, plus worked with a variety of studio and field lighting kits and grip gear. I am looking forward to working on more projects both freelance and full-time, would love to talk with you.

Recent articles I've been honored to be apart;

Montana State School of Film & Photography Alumni News August 2017; http://sfp.montana.edu/alumni/index.html
Minot Daily Cover Story, March 2017 http://www.minotdailynews.com/news/local-news/2017/03/hollywood-magic/
TBD: http://ndfilmmaker.com/product/nd-filmmaker-january-march-2017-digital-edition/